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Espresso Machine Boiler Inspections keep you legal!

Boiler Inspection Charges: 


- 1 Group Machine - £150

      (£135 for new customers)

- 2 Group Machine - £190

      (£171 for new customers)

- 3 Group Machine - £240

      (£216 for new customers)

- 4 Group Machine - £260

      (£234 for new customers)

All of our inspections are valid for 12 months in terms of covering yourselves from damage. We charge absolutely NO travel or call-out fees for locations up to a 10 mile radius from Stockport City Centre. Travel charges of 65p per mile will apply for distances further than this. You can double check that with us beforehand.

Here at The Coffee People, we are able to offer a full solution to help you meet and maintain current legal requirements that cover your machine. These tests need to be carried out every year and we recommend that you have this inspection alongside your machine's yearly service. The above prices can come with an additional £30 discount when combined with a machine service! 

Imagine your espresso machine is like a car. If a 'machine service' is the same idea as when you service a car, then the 'boiler inspection' is like the MOT test. It keeps it legal and ensures safety. A boiler inspection will keep you within the law and gives you, the owner, a relaxed mind about your employees and customers safety.


Many coffee machine owners don't realise that their espresso machine, regardless of how well they think it works, is covered by legislation that states - as an employer/owner - you are responsible for its safety. Insurance cover for staff and customers may be void in case of an accident, if the machine boiler has not been inspected within the 12 months previous. Click here to see details on Sainsbury's infamous recent explosion. And click here for a summary on the law regarding machine boilers.


Don't forget, all of our new inspection, service & repair customers benefit from a genuine 10% DISCOUNT off final cost.

E.g. 1 Group Inspection: usually £150 - £15 (10% discount) = £135. Plus if you do it WITH a service you get an extra £30 off.

This is to say welcome to The Coffee People, as your satisfaction is our aim. 

Boiler Inspections include the following checks:


- Main boiler tank for wear and tear, condition and its safety.

- Safety valve operational condition.

- All parts joined and connected to boiler tank for wear and tear and its safety.

- Steam pipe and steam pressure and adjust if needed.

- Water pipe and water pressure and adjust if needed.

- Heating element seal.

- Steam valve and seal.

- Water valve and seal.

- Pressure switch and/or load connector and all live connections and adjust if needed.

- Finally, we let you know about the condition of your machine and alert you to any potential future issues.


Please note - all safety repairs and readjustments are done at no extra charge (as it is included in the price). But any needed replacement parts are chargeable for the part's price, with the customer being advised beforehand. We always use top quality parts, unlike some places and we give a minimum of 12 months warranty on all parts (some parts up to 18 months e.g our certified safety valve has 18 months free parts and labour alongside other more important safety parts. This is one of the reasons we take great pride in our work)

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The Coffee People are a stockport manchester uk based espresso machine service & repair company. We also sell espresso machines, grinders, spare parts (portafilters etc) & coffee itself! Plus carry out boiler inspections. We serve ALL north west areas: manchester, stockport, trafford, cheshire, tameside, oldham, rochdale, bury, bolton, salford, wigan, derbyshire, lancashire, blackburn, warrington, calderdale & beyond! We can also travel further out if required.

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